Let me introduce myself I am Amy Moore founder of Advanced Natural Healthcare. My Clinic has been proudly treating clients for over 20 years with Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 

Amy Moore

Dip.Ac. Lic China
Dip Ch. Herbs

One of the most common questions I am asked is “how did I get into Acupuncture & Healing?”

A lot of therapists have a back story and I’m no exception! Many years ago I was involved in an accident that left me with a serious back injury. After going down the route of doctors visits, MRI and specialists I was advised that the best option for my injury was back surgery. This just didn’t sit well for me at the time and I decided to give myself 18 months to explore other options and if by then I hadn’t made significant progress then I would follow the medical route suggested.

This led me on a fascinating journey of healing and self discovery. To begin with all I literally could do was breathwork, I had some experience of Yoga so I explored how I could begin to move my body subtly with the breath and how to manage the pain with my breath. From there I began to incorporate gentle limited Yoga movements with the breath.

Once I had some limited movement I attended regular Acupuncture treatments alongside light Massage Therapy. I was totally amazed at how my body responded positively to the Acupuncture and how I began to feel my body slowly repairing and healing. Don’t get me wrong it was a slow and challenging process!

Finally I added Chiropractic treatments for my very misaligned body. It didn’t happen overnight but today I have a new body that provided I look after and maintain it serves me very well.

It was from this experience that I chose to complete a 6 year training in Traditional Chinese Medicine including an internship in a hospital in China. That was over 20 years ago and I look forward to every day in the Clinic where I have the privilege of helping people of all ages to experience a better quality of life, and educate them on how to take control of their own wellbeing.