Following  over 20 years of prescribing herbal formulas in our pharmacy, we have now progressed to only using Energetic Remedies. Using our Advanced Bioenergetic Testing system we build a file of energetic imbalances in our clients and match exactly the remedies required by that individual to bring their body back into balance and facilitate healing. This information can then be re-imprinted by output from the system into either a liquid medium or homeopathic type pill as a carrier.

We find that this method of remedy building allows us to prepare exact polyremedies that are unique and customised to each individual and are suitable for all the family young and old alike. 

They are very easy to take as they require only small amounts daily and avoid any need to involve large numbers of tablets which can be difficult for many people by offering both a liquid and pillule choice instead. They are very well tolerated by all age groups.


Did you know that animals can also be tested by our System and treated with our remedies!?


The procedure is exactly the same! We test using a small hair or fur sample from your pet, find the energetic imbalances and match the remedies that they require to build a remedy that is unique and customised to your pet.
We can also look at their nutritional profile and food sensitivities, this can be very useful in gaining information about how well their current feeding programme is suiting them.

The emotional tests and remedies can be particularly effective in animals that might be experiencing a range of stresses and challenges.