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We specialize in bringing the very best in current healthcare trends within the areas of Acupuncture and Bioenergetic Testing while constantly upskilling to bring the benefits of our knowledge to our clients.


The thought of getting tiny needles stuck into your body admittedly might not sound very relaxing!!
However acupuncture has been used as an amazing healthcare system for over 3000 years and every
age group can benefit from it.

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An ancient treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare system that has been made very current by its popularity with Olympic athletes and Celebrities’! Its a non invasive treatment that even the kids will like!

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Bioenergetic testing

Have you ever wondered what is working in your body, what requires attention and which remedies would be most useful in obtaining better health?? Do you suffer from a chronic condition and feel you aren’t getting to the root cause?

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Take the guesswork out of which remedies will suit your body best by using our state of the art Bioenergetic Testing system, ensuring a unique and individualized remedy solution.

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